Thursday, 1 October 2015

Alpaca Baby

This is Hensting Maisey, unfortunatly Maisey has just died from a nastie worm called the Barber Pole (Haemonchus contortus) Although we have a very stirct worming regime twice a year we inject the hurd with Ivormec super and swap with dectomax or cyadectin, the worm took hold and killed her.
Alpaca Baby
baby alpaca
This is Maisey with Hensting Bon Bon

Unfrotuantly this has left us with this little Alpaca Baby, this little girl we are now having to bottle feed three times a day and as you can see in this video she is now taking creep pellets, all be it one a time which is a bit time consuming, but hey who would not want to do this.
you can see more pictures of alpaca baby here at our website Alpaca Baby

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  1. Sorry to read of your loss. Especially sad when a cria is left orphaned, but glad to see baby is doing well.