Sunday, 25 October 2015

Alpaca Walking season coming to an end

Walking Alpacas Seasons End

Well what a great year we have had walking our alpacas and shearing them with the general public.  

  • We have had over 700 bookings
  • We have taken over £25,000.00 in tickets
  • Our Alpaca shop only open for a month has taken £900
  • We have had 9 Cria born 
  • The alpacas have munched there way through £900 worth of hay
  • We have had a 100% positive feedback from our guests
  • We have sold 7 alpacas
We have had a great year and we are now selling tickets for 2016 and have already sold 20 so far!

And don't forget we are now doing Alpaca Adoption or Adopt an Alpaca

Looking forward to next season which starts in February 2016!  Who says Alpacas ain't profitable ?

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Adopt an Alpaca

Adopt an alpaca

Hensting Alpacas have listened to your requests and this time it was for a way you can adopt an alpaca, just like the larger companies that offer this type of service , like Adopt A Pet

So we thought what a great idea and we now have a page under construction, which you can find here. Adopt an Alpaca You will also notice another exciting thing with our website, we are now https:// secure! this has been quite hard work to get the pages that we want to be secure, for example the alpaca walking page and booking tool.

So we are going to have 2 types of adoption packages gold and silver and like I say pop over to the website it has all need to know about how to adopt an alpaca

Friday, 16 October 2015

Pet Alpacas For Sale

Pet Alpacas For Sale

So what is it that makes an Alpaca a pet.  Well quite simply its an alpaca that is not made the mark to become part of the breeding program.  For example his fleece is not dense enough or not fine enough or has no crimp, shine or handle.  Of course females would only become pets at the end of there lives when they are unable to be bred from.  A male pet or guard, yes guard, because did you know an alpaca in a group can kill a fox! they scream at it and run towards it and if it don't move they will then jump up and down on it to kill it all together.

An average price for a pet alpaca for sale would be about £500 plus vat.  Vat is included because they are recognized as exotics so the price must include vat.

Here is a couple of examples of pet male alpacas for sale 

pet alpaca for sale with its mum

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Grey Alpacas

Grey Alpacas 

Here at Hensting Alpacas we are very lucky to have 2 Grey Female Alpacas.  Little Eskkrig Koala is our 5 year old female who was mated to Inca Grey Flight in 2014 and on May 9th she had our first Grey Cria Hensting Sweet Rohana .  This Grey Alpaca is what is know as a Tuxedo Grey because she has a white face, white bib and white front feet.
Here she is with her mum, and I think you will agree she is stunning  Also did you know grey is a very rare colour for an alpaca only 5% are grey

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A new cool alpaca website with some nice pictures on Westvirginiaalpacas is a great looking alpaca site and helps with the listings of the main site.
have a look around and let me know your thoughts

Monday, 12 October 2015

Alpacas and Horses

Can Horses live with Alpacas

Simple answer is yes! they get along really well.  We have a New Forest Pony called Bryn, now Bryn came to us when he was 13 months old, he came off of the New Forest, he was then castrated and wormed, pass ported and then sold to us within 2 weeks! He is a fully registered new forest and because we go him when he was so young, we have been able to work with him nice and early, but one thing stood out about Bryn was he was a kind hearted horse and very gentle.
Here he is in with his beloved Alpacas.  What we find is in the mornings when we turn up to feed them, he is asleep and around him are the alpacas all cuddled up to him keeping each other warm.
I have not seen any anger from him towards the alpacas, in fact I think he thinks he is now an alpaca
This is Bryn in one of his training sessions with flick our trainer.  Both Bryn and my children Faith and Isaac are under training all together and coming along nicely. you can see more of the alpacas 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Alpaca Farming

Alpaca Farming

alpaca farming here in the Uk seems to be about 10 years behind Austrailia.  We as a country are catching up we now have well over 50,000 alpacas and the thoughts are that once we get to 10,000 then an industry will from around us, meaning the fiber will start to be procesed on a larger scale.  You will then start to see it in your local shops like marks and Spencer or Debenahams.  Have a look at this call video from Austrailia all about Alpacas in ozz

intersting alpaca facts

Intersting alpaca facts


Did you know the 3 main things that Alpacas can bring to man?
well here they are 1 the fleece it is hypoallergenic and incredably soft the fleec micron can go down as fine as 14 microns! there is also no lanalin in the fleece unlike sheep this makes it easy to proccess.  Next the meat, the meat is very lean at about o.5% fat. then finally the poo, this poo comes from 3 stomachs and is really rotted down, you can catch the stuff as it comes out of the animal put a seed in it and it will grow!, but not only that the incas would mix it with water dry it in the sun into brick form then burn it on the fires in the winter and burns just as long and just  as hot as cole! and if you would like to learn more I have a great link on our website Alpaca Facts then go ever to the main site that has a really cool infographic aobut alpacas 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Monday, 5 October 2015

Alpaca Infographics - facts about alpacas

Alpaca Infographics what are they

Well quite simply they are graphics that tell you information in graphic form.  Here is one from our website Hensting Alpacas telling you information about our alpacas. as follows
you can get more information here at

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Brown Alpacas for sale

Brown Alpacas

So Brown is my most favorite colored alpaca, I love the different shades of brown,  of course white alpacas are still the most popular but not by far, and we always find brown alpacas for sale very popular and sell really well.
Elara Brown Alpaca for Sale

Chloe Brown Alpaca For Sale

Hoity Toity Brown Alpaca For Sale
.All of the above brown girls are for sale and are as you see fine specimens.  Hoity Toity is my favourite not only becasue she got 2nd adult brown female at the BAS National Show 2015.
of course you can find all of their details here Brown Alpacas

Hensting Alpacas alpaca shop uk

Alpaca Shop at Hensting Alpacas

Here at Hensting Alpacas we have our new Alpaca Shop.  The products are from Ecuador, e felt that we need to put something back and support Ecuador and sale some of there lovely products.  The Alpaca Shop had an online payment system so you can pay seamlessly with Paypal or use a credit card.   In the alpacas shop we sale alpaca socks, alpaca gloves, alpaca hats, also key rings and pens.

Alpaca key rings

alpaca gloves

alpaca hats

alpaca pens

alpaca socks
The products are made with 30% pure alpaca, which did surprise me a bit I was expecting more alpaca fiber, but when I inquired to the reason it was explained to me that there needs to be a mix to help towards the hardwaring.  oh and of course here is the link to the Alpaca Shop

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Discovering Ranch Life: Alpacas

Discovering Ranch Life: Alpacas

Alpaca Walking Eastleigh

Alpaca Walking Eastleigh

Ever thought about what to do at the weekends or where to take the kids? Then worry no more come along and have a great Alpaca walking experience here in Eastleigh Hampshire. Hensting Alpacas offer this service most Tuesdays Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Otterbourne is a beautiful part of England and boast Otter, Kingfisher and all sorts of other rare and exciting animals can be seen o the walk. the price for 2015 is 2 people 1 Alpaca £24.95 Special 10am - 12pm.

So come and find us at Alpaca walking Eastleigh
There will be a warm and friendly welcome waiting for you.  you can book and pay for your  tickets on the website.  its a great way to spend a morning with these adorable creatures.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Alpaca Baby

This is Hensting Maisey, unfortunatly Maisey has just died from a nastie worm called the Barber Pole (Haemonchus contortus) Although we have a very stirct worming regime twice a year we inject the hurd with Ivormec super and swap with dectomax or cyadectin, the worm took hold and killed her.
Alpaca Baby
baby alpaca
This is Maisey with Hensting Bon Bon

Unfrotuantly this has left us with this little Alpaca Baby, this little girl we are now having to bottle feed three times a day and as you can see in this video she is now taking creep pellets, all be it one a time which is a bit time consuming, but hey who would not want to do this.
you can see more pictures of alpaca baby here at our website Alpaca Baby