Sunday, 25 October 2015

Alpaca Walking season coming to an end

Walking Alpacas Seasons End

Well what a great year we have had walking our alpacas and shearing them with the general public.  

  • We have had over 700 bookings
  • We have taken over £25,000.00 in tickets
  • Our Alpaca shop only open for a month has taken £900
  • We have had 9 Cria born 
  • The alpacas have munched there way through £900 worth of hay
  • We have had a 100% positive feedback from our guests
  • We have sold 7 alpacas
We have had a great year and we are now selling tickets for 2016 and have already sold 20 so far!

And don't forget we are now doing Alpaca Adoption or Adopt an Alpaca

Looking forward to next season which starts in February 2016!  Who says Alpacas ain't profitable ?

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