Monday, 12 October 2015

Alpacas and Horses

Can Horses live with Alpacas

Simple answer is yes! they get along really well.  We have a New Forest Pony called Bryn, now Bryn came to us when he was 13 months old, he came off of the New Forest, he was then castrated and wormed, pass ported and then sold to us within 2 weeks! He is a fully registered new forest and because we go him when he was so young, we have been able to work with him nice and early, but one thing stood out about Bryn was he was a kind hearted horse and very gentle.
Here he is in with his beloved Alpacas.  What we find is in the mornings when we turn up to feed them, he is asleep and around him are the alpacas all cuddled up to him keeping each other warm.
I have not seen any anger from him towards the alpacas, in fact I think he thinks he is now an alpaca
This is Bryn in one of his training sessions with flick our trainer.  Both Bryn and my children Faith and Isaac are under training all together and coming along nicely. you can see more of the alpacas 

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