Sunday, 4 October 2015

Hensting Alpacas alpaca shop uk

Alpaca Shop at Hensting Alpacas

Here at Hensting Alpacas we have our new Alpaca Shop.  The products are from Ecuador, e felt that we need to put something back and support Ecuador and sale some of there lovely products.  The Alpaca Shop had an online payment system so you can pay seamlessly with Paypal or use a credit card.   In the alpacas shop we sale alpaca socks, alpaca gloves, alpaca hats, also key rings and pens.

Alpaca key rings

alpaca gloves

alpaca hats

alpaca pens

alpaca socks
The products are made with 30% pure alpaca, which did surprise me a bit I was expecting more alpaca fiber, but when I inquired to the reason it was explained to me that there needs to be a mix to help towards the hardwaring.  oh and of course here is the link to the Alpaca Shop

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