Thursday, 8 October 2015

intersting alpaca facts

Intersting alpaca facts


Did you know the 3 main things that Alpacas can bring to man?
well here they are 1 the fleece it is hypoallergenic and incredably soft the fleec micron can go down as fine as 14 microns! there is also no lanalin in the fleece unlike sheep this makes it easy to proccess.  Next the meat, the meat is very lean at about o.5% fat. then finally the poo, this poo comes from 3 stomachs and is really rotted down, you can catch the stuff as it comes out of the animal put a seed in it and it will grow!, but not only that the incas would mix it with water dry it in the sun into brick form then burn it on the fires in the winter and burns just as long and just  as hot as cole! and if you would like to learn more I have a great link on our website Alpaca Facts then go ever to the main site that has a really cool infographic aobut alpacas 

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