Friday, 16 October 2015

Pet Alpacas For Sale

Pet Alpacas For Sale

So what is it that makes an Alpaca a pet.  Well quite simply its an alpaca that is not made the mark to become part of the breeding program.  For example his fleece is not dense enough or not fine enough or has no crimp, shine or handle.  Of course females would only become pets at the end of there lives when they are unable to be bred from.  A male pet or guard, yes guard, because did you know an alpaca in a group can kill a fox! they scream at it and run towards it and if it don't move they will then jump up and down on it to kill it all together.

An average price for a pet alpaca for sale would be about £500 plus vat.  Vat is included because they are recognized as exotics so the price must include vat.

Here is a couple of examples of pet male alpacas for sale 

pet alpaca for sale with its mum

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