Friday, 11 December 2015

Alpacas cria and the problems in winter

Alpacas Cria and the Winter

What a great year over 1400 people have come to see and walk our alpacas
Today is December 11th 2015 and the year is nearly over, and a fantastic year it has been.  All of our alpacas have just had there routine injections which consist of vitamins E A and D so why are these so important?  you see alpacas come from Peru and Chillie and the biggest difference between those 2 countries and the UK is the weather and the Sunshine!  Here in England during the winter months starting in November our sunshine hours plummet to about 2 hours a day if we are lucky.

So you ask your self what has this got to do with the alpacas? well the simple answer is Rickets.  Because of the lack of sunshine alpacas suffer from rickets so that is why we must boost there vitamin intake during these winter months.  We do this by injection, we were using a multi vitamin but now we have a formulated one that has the 3 vitamins we need E,A,D.

It is the Cria that suffer the most and so we make sure they get injected every month up to February, this is when the sun hours start to pick up again.
to see more of these beautiful cria or baby alpacas click the link, its a great page and shows our amazing cria that we have breed over the years.

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